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To ensure length graders and other vibratory
systems are always running at their most efficient
settings, Kiremko offers their VSC system (Vibrator
Stroke Control). With this system the amplitude of
vibrators is continuously monitored, so that if the
machine starts to run outside its normal operating
parameters, action can be taken. Not only will the
system move the product more efficiently, but the
machine will not damage itself so there will be no
need for costly, non-planned maintenance.
Grading potatoes is one of the most important
steps in every producer’s process where input
determines output.
Bad quality potatoes influence processes.
To eliminate this, Dutch company Marcelissen BV
offers a new way of grading peeled potatoes.
Says Marlon Treuen: “There are two processes
which are very important for grading your product;
this is at the beginning of your production and at
the end of your production.
“The big advantage is when you grade your
potatoes at the beginning of the production line –
after the peeling – this will avoid producing the bad
quality potatoes to the end and loose capacity.
“There have been several tries on the market in
order to sort out potatoes at the beginning of the
process, but unfortunately unsuccessful.
“Until now this needed to be done by employees,
or either on size or colour.
“Together with Ellips, Marcelissen has now been
able to develop a system which can detect both (size
and colour) and more; in a 360-degree inspection.
“Our optical grader sorts out your peeled potatoes on
size, length, width, shape, ratio, colour, defect and
green percentage. Criteria that can be selected and
combined, so from now on it is possible to select –
for example – on colour and size.”
Using the latest camera technology,
Marcelissen’s specially-designed rollers create a
360 degree overview of all potatoes.
“Depending on the criteria installed, computerlinked
ejection nozzles are triggered to blow the
potato out of the line when needed. All products with
the same criteria are selected and guided in to repeel
or waste for example. All of this tributes to a
higher effectiveness and higher yield per potato in a
potato production line or a French fries production
line,” concluded Treuen.
Texas-based Heat and Control reckon that
reducing costs starts with their initiative to design
and build resource-efficient ‘sustainable’ equipment
that reduces consumption of raw materials, fresh
water and energy.
Their manufacturing plants use advanced laser
and water-jet cutting systems to reduce raw material
waste and produce equipment components that
require less assembly and welding to create
stronger and more reliable sub-assemblies.
All motors, belts, bearings and other components
are designed for long-term high-capacity production.
According to Don Giles, Director of Sales in Heat
and Control’s processing equipment division, all of
their latest washing systems are designed to clean
and re-use wash water, while dramatically reducing
fresh water consumption and sewage emissions.
“Our AirSweep water removal system uses
vacuum and blow-off air to remove a maximum
amount of surface water from potato slices. Less
water is transferred into the fryer thus reducing its
fuel usage,” Giles explained.
The company offers different washing systems for
whole potatoes and potato slices, each designed for


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